Constanta is one of the Sunniest Cities in Europe. With an average of 2286 hours of sunshine per year and up to 25 sunny days a month in the summer, Constanta is a beautiful holiday destination.

Located on the Black Sea Coast of Romania, city weather is influenced by sea climate.

Summer weather is pleasantly warm, sometimes even hot but tempered by the breezes and perfect for swimming in the Black Sea. Summer average high temperatures are around 25 – 30 °C . The temperature of the Black Sea is acceptable for swimming : it’s around 23 °C – 24 °C in July and August, while it is a bit cool in June and September.

Autumn and spring are good seasons for visiting Constanta area. September is usually a sweet and quiet month, with little rain. Sometimes, a warm and sunny weather lasts until October. In spring time temperatures climb reaching 14°C, meantime autumn/ fall temperatures achieves average highs of 17°C.

The winters are really special, chilly and windy. During winter Constanta is affected by the influence of the sea, where the average temperature in January is just above freezing, around 1 °C. On colder winters, the Black Sea along the coast can even freeze, as happened in February 2012.

Along the coast of the Black Sea, precipitation is quite low, amounting to around 385 mm (15 in) / year.

Constanta Sunny City
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